About our Sponsors

Communication Networks was formed in 2007 by George J. Lichtblau, an engineer and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of continuous experience within the fiber optic transmission equipment industry.

Recognizing that many of the designs utilized by other manufacturers of this equipment to transmit video, audio, and data, had become outdated or obsolete, ComNet was created to introduce the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to the industry.

The result is a complete series of fiber optic and copper-based transmission equipment designed and built in the U.S., with superior performance, lower cost, and greater reliability than ever before. State-of-the-art designs, plus our commitment to provide unrivaled dedication, service, and support, to delight you; our customer.


ComNet provides a connection between any two supported protocols, such as between a legacy device and a modern host, or a modern device and a legacy host.

ComNet also provides network communications loopback connections in software.

The fundamental difference

Where competitors transport old protocols over the top of new protocols, ComNet actually terminates the old protocol and truly converts it into the new protocol for forwarding. All this while protecting the integrity of the original data.

Simple, reliable and completely transparent

ComNet handles protocol conversion so that both ends of a connection believe they are using the same protocol. Session availability is maximized by ComNet's automatic backup connection management. Multiple backup connections and alternate backup groups can be defined.

Generic communications handler

ComNet can also be used as a generic communications handler. An application simply opens ComNet and uses basic operating system calls, such as write and read, and ComNet performs the relevant protocol handling. Backup connection management is automatically available.


Async, Bisync, Interprocess, LU6.2, SNA, TCP/IP, X.25

For more information please email Comnet@tandemworld.net

Features in brief

  • Converts any-to-any supported protocol
  • Multiple backup connections
  • Generic communications handler for any supported protocol
  • Communications loopback in software
  • Connects PC based test tools to NonStop legacy applications
  • Customizable with your own user-written routines
  • Dynamic configuration
  • Operator interface provides seamless global view and control over all ComNet sessions
  • Scalable architecture to support thousands of sessions
  • Quick and easy to install