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An Australian company founded in 1988, Integrated Research has a heritage of providing performance monitoring and diagnostics software solutions for business-critical computing environments around the globe.

Developed on a fault-tolerant, highly distributed architecture, PROGNOSIS has become the solution of choice on 24x7 HP NonStop environments as well as other computing platforms such as Windows, UNIX and Linux.

Since 2000, PROGNOSIS has also been used to manage large-scale Cisco IP telephony networks, enabling organisations to optimize call quality and service reliability. The addition of support for Avaya and Nortel platforms makes PROGNOSIS the ideal solution for enterprises and service providers with a large number of end-points or systems from multiple vendors.

PROGNOSIS also provides detailed financial transaction management for ATM, POS, phone, internet or mobile banking, stock trading and other financial transaction applications.

Prognosis from Integrated Research


PROGNOSIS provides precise performance monitoring solutions for the world's most business-critical computing environments including ATM/POS networks, IP telephony environments, IT infrastructure and web applications. PROGNOSIS delivers:

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting, deep drill-down diagnostics, and trend-based historical reporting across HP NonStop, Windows, Linux, HP-UX and other UNIX platforms
  • Standardized monitoring for critical transaction processing platforms such as ACI BASE24 and EFD Connex, with cost-effective integration with multi-vendor, custom or proprietary systems
  • A single management view across multiple platforms, including virtualized environments
  • The world's largest bank, telecommunications company, stock exchange and computer hardware manufacturer rely on PROGNOSIS to manage their HP NonStop servers. PROGNOSIS now also monitors more than 1.5 million phones globally


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