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For 30 years, Serena has been solving the tough problems facing organizations responsible for application development. Customers choose our industry-leading Application Lifecycle Management solutions whenever they need development controls for mainframe, distributed or embedded development projects. From team-level management of source code to complex development projects that simply cannot fail, Serena delivers the governance needed to make software better.

More recently, we have expanded the Serena solution portfolio to bring the same governance to other business processes. Our Business Process Management solutions quickly automate business processes to increase responsiveness while delivering built-in auditability.

Serena Software

New Comprehensive Software Change Management.

Serena ChangeMan DS Supports HP NonStop

Serena Software offers a new comprehensive change management solution for HP NonStop applications. Serena ChangeMan® DS supports HP NonStop environments alone and in an enterprise environment (including Windows, UNIX, Linux).

Serena ChangeMan DS features a full suite of SCM capabilities, from versioning through build and deployment, all based on user-defined processes. Serena ChangeMan DS provides native support for Microsoft Visual Studio .Net development, allowing HP NonStop developers and managers to accelerate application changes and ensure software quality, alone or as part of a broad application-development enterprise.

Enforce Enterprise control by bringing a single point, cross-platform change management to NonStop environments alone or in and enterprise environment. (including Windows, UNIX, LINUX, AS400, SAP)

Accelerate application development by controlling changes in the NonStop environment and supporting Microsoft Visual Studio .Net development.

Comprehensive Change Management solution for HP Nonstop applications.

Bring stronger development teams by improving accountability and standardizing processes across projects.

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